Photopoint Project – Project to be re-launched in near future.  A project started by the club many years ago to monitor the changing condition of vegetation at multiple locations through repeat point-location photos. Watch this space!

Small Reserves Assessment – Project under development by Chris Morris.  Plan for club members to collect information on the ecological values and environmental condition of various small crown reserves in the local area.

Roadside Cleanup – On two occasions each year, the club undertakes a roadside cleanup along a section of the Pyrenees Hwy to the west of Castlemaine (approximately between the Maldon Rd and the Steiner School).  See newsletter and website calendar for details for dates and times.

Annual BOCA bird-watching day – For more than a decade, the club has participated in the annual bird-watching day in early December.  Summary of results to be posted on the website in the near future.

Castlemaine Botanic Gardens weed removal – An area of remnant native vegetation in the north-west corner of the park in an important location for the threatened Eltham Copper Butterfly.  Broom and other weeds are placing this population at risk, and are reducing the quality of the vegetation.  Club members have been involved in regular weed removal field days over a number of years.

Threatened flora monitoring and surveys – Club members have been collected flora records from quadrats from native vegetation remnants across the local area.  A summary of the results is to be provided on the website in the future.

  Please contact the club if you would like to be involved in one or more of these projects –


The Castlemaine Field Naturalists Club has a long and proud history of involvement in natural history and conservation-based projects.

A selection of past projects that the club has been involved with are listed below.  Some of these will have links to further information in the near future.

  • Swift Parrot Project CFNC member Debbie Worland, with the support of the club and many other groups, produced a DVD documentary on the Swift Parrots in the local area.  The DVD is still available (contact Debbie at

  • Birds Australia Bird Atlas Project

  • Roadside vegetation / weed mapping