Eltham Copper Butterfly Talk by Elaine Bayes and Karl Just

Castlemaine and Bendigo host the largest area of Eltham Copper Butterfly (ECB) habitat in the world.  Given the global decline in insects, particularity Butterflies which appear to be the hardest hit, it is now critical that we protect our Australian butterflies, of which ECB is a flagship species.

At our meeting on Friday 8th November Elaine Bayes and Karl Just, local ecologists, will be presenting the current distribution of ECB, the amazing relationship ECB has with Notoncus ants and the host plant Sweet Bursaria.  Current programs of monitoring and management will also be presented. There has been little research on the north central ECB for the last decade. Elaine, Karl and Julie Radford are trying to change this by leading the community in searching for new ECB populations and mapping colonies so we can protect them from planned burns and other threats.


Upcoming opportunities for the local community to be involved in studying and saving this species will be provided.  Monitoring ECB also provides a great excuse to walk through our stunning bushlands over the summer months when ECB are flying.

This monthly CFNC meeting will start at 7.30pm on 8th of November. Please note that this month the meeting will be held in the Chapel behind the Uniting Church on Lyttleton St, Castlemaine (next door to the Art Gallery and Museum).  All members are all encouraged to attend and, as always, visitors are also very welcome.  There is no cost for entry, and no need for RSVPs.

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