9 Nov 2018 public talk: Plains for the Wanderer

Deanna Marshall is the guest presenter at the November general meeting of the Castlemaine Field Naturalists Club.  Both members are visitors are welcomed and encouraged to come along, and there is no cost for attendance.

Female and male Plains-wanderer. Photo by David Baker-Gabb.

About her talk, Deanna writes ‘Plains-wanderers are nationally critically endangered. They share a physical resemblance to quail, but in evolutionary terms, they are one of a kind – there’s no bird like it in the world. In Victoria, 95% of native grasslands that Plains-wanderers formerly occupied have been lost to cultivation and urban development. The protection and maintenance of the habitat of the Plains-wanderer is vital for the conservation of the species, but will this be enough?’.

Deanna is Trust for Nature’s North West Area Manager. For the past 7 years both her and her team of 5 have overseen the delivery of Trust for Nature programs and projects in the North Central and Mallee CMA regions. Prior to this, Deanna worked in the Biodiversity Group for the state government in the Loddon Mallee Region for 11 years.

The evenings event commences at 7.30pm on Friday 9 November in the Fellowship Room, located in the building behind the Uniting Church on Lyttleton St, Castlemaine (next door to the Art Gallery and Museum).  Following Deanna’s talk and questions, tea and snacks will be available.

Ideal Plains-wanderer habitat. Photo from Trust for Nature


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