14 Sept 2018 – talk on NZ conservation issues

Saddleback. Photo by Peter Turner

The speaker at our September general meeting will be Peter Turner, an accomplished local naturalist and photographer.  His topic, “Conservation Issues in Beautiful New Zealand – some observations”, is based on Rosemary and Peter’s two visits earlier this year, their first to NZ: stunning scenery, the underlying geology, fascinating plants, intriguing endemic birds – so much to enjoy, so different from Australia. But, like us, New Zealanders have caused, and face the consequences of serious environmental damage to landscapes and species.  Some of the impressive efforts to enable seriously threatened species such as the Black Stilt and Takahe to recover will be described.

This month’s meeting is being held on Friday 14 September 2018, starting from 7.30pm at the Fellowship Room behind the Uniting Church in Castlemaine. (located on Lyttleton St, next door to the Castlemaine art gallery). Everyone is welcome, and there is no cost for entry.

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