The PhotoPoints Project

Ern Perkins initiated the recording of landscape and vegetation changes about 1990, culminating in the production by Connecting Country and CFNC in 2013 of a CD with over 1600 photographs taken at approximately 10 year intervals at sites around the Mt Alexander region.
At the June meeting of CFNC  George Broadway will review the history of the project, show us examples from the database, and describe the challenges involved in  recording photographs at  some of the many sites.
June General Meeting: 7.30pm on Friday 9th June.  Uniting Church Hall, Lyttleton St.
George will lead the excursion on Saturday 10th June.
We will visit several of the PhotoPoint project sites, including Frogmore Swap, Hamilton Crossing and Bell’s Swamp.  How have these areas changed over the decades?  We’ll see how difficult it can be to line up the original views, despite GPS and compass data and the original photos.
Excursion:  1.30 pm Saturday 10th June
– Meet at the U3A Octopus building on Duke St (Opposite the Castle Motel) – ready for departure at 1.30pm sharp.  Bring your afternoon tea and binoculars.  Car-pooling available.

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