11 Nov 2016 – Moths of Victoria talk

Moth study in Victoria is at about the same stage as bird study was at in the late 1800s. There are currently few moth addicts and our knowledge is limited and patchy. Anyone committed to the cause can find new species for the state or even species new to science. Even the simple and basic question, “Which moth belongs to which caterpillar” is a mystery for many species. At the November meeting of the Castlemaine Field Naturalists Club, Marilyn Hewish will talk about her moth-hunting travels around the state, show photos of some of our most gorgeous and bizarre species and describe how her work at the museum fits into exciting new discoveries and developments in the study of Victorian moths, including the book series Moths of Victoria.

Spectacular Emerald Chlorocoma cadmaria. Photo by Marilyn Hewish
Spectacular Emerald (Chlorocoma cadmaria). Photo by Marilyn Hewish

The moth light will also be set up outside. After the talk, a variety of moths in many sizes, shapes and colours will be on display for us to enjoy. Please bring a camera and/or hand lens if you can, a torch, and warm clothing if you want to linger.

Marilyn Hewish was awarded the Australian Natural History Medallion in 2013 for her contributions over many decades to studies of Australian birds and more recently of Victorian moths.  She was editor of the annual Geelong Bird Report for 18 years, and author of ‘Birds of the Long Forest’, and co-author of several of the series Moths of Victoria.

As per usual, the talk is being held on the evening of the 2nd Friday of the month (11 November 2016), from 7.30pm.  It will be in the Fellowship Room, behind the Uniting Church on Lyttleton St (next to the Museum-Art Gallery).  There is no cost for entry, and members and visitors are encouraged to attend.

Beautiful Leaf Moth Gastrophora henricaria. Photo by Marilyn Hewish
Beautiful Leaf Moth (Gastrophora henricaria). Photo by Marilyn Hewish

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