9 July 2016 – Excursion for Orchid Photography

leaves 1The Castlemaine Field Naturalists Club excursion for July is being led by Geraldine Harris.  It will depart from the Octopus building on Duke St, Castlemaine (opposite the Castle Motel) at 1.30pm sharp on Saturday 9 July.  Members and visitors are welcome (and encouraged) to attend.

This excursion has a special purpose.  An new electronic plant list for Castlemaine is being developed by Ern Perkins, which will have good photos for each species.  Ern would like to add an ‘Orchid Leaves’ section to the guide.  Ern says ‘Some orchid people can recognise any orchid just from the leaves.  It would be a great club project to search for orchid leaves, photograph them, and if necessary go back later to see what they turn into.  It would be a great resource.  And this year looks like being a good year for orchid leaves’.

leaves 4So Geraldine invites people to come along on Saturday to commence the official search for orchid leaves and hopefully there will be an opportunity to revist these plants to photograph the flowers at a later date.  Bring along your camera, and there will be instructions on what you can do with the photos.

And don’t forgot to come along to Damian Kelly’s talk on the Birds of Castlemaine on the night beforehand (click here for more details). leaves 2

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