10 June 2016 – Strategic Fire Planning presentation

The guest speakers for the June meeting of the Castlemaine Field Naturalists Club are Paul Bates (District Manager, Murray Goldfields District, DELWP) and Ben Matthews (Regional Fire Planner – Loddon Mallee Region, DELWP).

Paul has provided the following information about the presentation:

“We would like to talk about strategic fire planning and the risk based approach to fuel management. This work is guided by government policy called Safer Together which can be summarised as follows: Safer Together – our new approach to bushfire management, combines stronger community partnerships with the latest science and information to more effectively target our actions to reduce our bushfire risk. We will use a risk reduction target across public and private land to focus our bushfire management activities (like planned burning) in areas we know (through fire modelling) will have the greatest impact.

Our planned burning program under this new risk target does not mean we will burn less, or burn more – it means we will be burning smarter.”

As per usual for the CFNC, this free presentation will occur on the second Friday of the month (10 June), commencing from 7.30pm.  It will be held in the Fellowship room, which is located in the hall behind the Uniting Church (On Lyttleton St, next door to the Castlemaine Art Gallery and Museum).  Visitors welcome.  Tea and coffee afterwards.

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