Further info from the April 2016 CFNC talk

At tonight’s CFNC talk (8 April 2016), committee member Peter Turner presented an engaging, thought-provoking, discussion-promoting talk.  The overarching theme was what can be done by individuals, communities and the government to help biodiversity adapt to climate change.  Many thanks to Peter for preparing and delivering this talk at short notice.

From the talk, Peter described the VicNature 2050 initiative, and the 10 things that we can all do to help (CLICK HERE for a link to the website).  This intiated many conversations about how the CFNC can contribute.

He also noted that the Victorian government is currently seeking public feedback on new three policies related to environmental management:

  • Water for Victoria – feedback due by 29 April (CLICK HERE)
  • Protecting Victoria’s Environment – Biodiversity 2036 – feedback due by 15 May (CLICK HERE)
  • Review of the Native Vegetation Clearing Regulations – feedback due by 29 April (CLICK HERE)

For the ‘Biodiversity 2036’ plan, a series of 13 community consultation sessions are being held across the state.  The nearest to the Castlemaine region is being held in Bendigo at The Capital on Thursday 14 April.  It will start with a presentation about the plan from 4.30pm, and then followed by a open discussion session from 6pm to 8pm.  For more details, and to register to attend the Bendigo session, follow this link (CLICK HERE).

It was also noted that the North Central Catchment Management Authority recently released a significant document about the expected impacts of climate change on central and northern Victorian environmental values, and the mitigation and adaptation strategy needed (CLICK HERE).

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