Foundation CFNC members

In 2016, the club’s 40th year, there’s enjoyment to be had (and a bit of self-congratulation) from looking back at its history and achievements.

I have stumbled across an interesting little article in the February 1986 issue of the club newsletter.  Within it, it identifies the 21 attendees at the club’s first ever meeting in February 1976 – which includes our three recent inductees to CFNC Life Membership (George Broadway, Ern Perkins and Rita Mills).  Furthermore, there is a list of all members from the first year of the club – including current CFNC committee contributors Geoff and Geraldine Harris.

By perusing issues of the club newsletter over its first few years, you can see that many of the other people who joined the CFNC in 1976 also made considerable on-going contributions (e.g., Parnaby, Winterbottom, Bradfield, Bransgrove).

Follow this link to see the full list – CLICK HERE.

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