Geology Excursion to be Rescheduled

Professor Julian Hollis’s talk to the CFNC last Friday (12 Feb 2016) had a large audience fascinated by the geological finds that he has made at the Upper Coliban Reservior over recent years.  Unfortunately, the planned excursion for the next day to this location had to be canceled due to the Total Fire Ban rating.

However, Julian has kindly offered to lead this same excursion on another day, which I am sure will be very popular.  I know I am looking forward to it.   The CFNC committee will discuss possible new dates for this excursion at their next meeting.   Further details to follow soon.

The AGM was also held on the same evening.  Thank you to the 2015 CFNC commitee for all of their efforts, and congratulations (and thanks in advance) to those elected for 2016:  Nigel Harland (president), George Broadway (secretary, for the 19th consecutive year!), Geoff Harris (Treasurer), Richard Piesse, Geraldine Harris and Peter Turner.  Chris Timewell (me) was elected Webmaster. Further assistance on the committee is always welcomed.

A call-out was also made for urgent assistance on the club newsletter, and in particular someone who could source and manage the incoming articles.  Special thanks was made to Noel Young for his all-composing role on the newsletter for the past 8 years.  At least in the short term, Noel is available to continue with the ‘type-setting’ of the newsletter (I hope this is the correct term).

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