And so begins our 40th year……

2016 represents the 40th year since the founding of the Castlemaine Field Naturalists Club.  The celebrations began at the December 2015 general meeting with the naming of Ern Perkins, Rita Mills and George Broadway as the first Life Members of the club.  These three passionate naturalists were on the inaugural CFNC committee back in 1976, and have been prolific contributors to all aspects of club life ever since.  As current president Nigel Harland remarked at the presentation ceremony, the club would not be in the strong position that it is in today, and may not even be around at all, if not for the contributions of these three members over the years.  An audio recording made of the Life Membership presentation was made, which has been transcribed and is available to read (CLICK HERE).

Ern, Rita and George (L to R) with their framed Life Membership certificates
Ern, Rita and George (L to R) with their framed Life Membership certificates

The first general meeting of our 40th year, and also our AGM, is to be held on Friday 12 February.  The evening starts at 7.30pm with the formalities of the AGM.  This will then be followed by guest speaker Professor Julian Hollis – a locally-based geologist – who will speak about Permian Glacial Features.   If you have heard his talks on various geological topics before, you will know that an entertaining, thought-provoking and educational evening awaits.  As always, the meeting will be held at the Fellowship Room, which is in the hall behind the Uniting Church on Lyttleton St Castlemaine (next door to the Art Gallery).  Members and visitors are all welcome.

Professor Hollis will lead also lead the club excursion on the following day (Sat 13 Feb) to the Upper Coliban Reservoir.

2 thoughts on “And so begins our 40th year……

  1. Hello We are new to the area. Would it be allright to come on the field trip tomorrow, but not the AGM tonight. if so,what are the details of the trip?
    Many thanks
    Sue Teltscher

  2. Hi Sue. Apologies for the delay in replying. Hopefully you’ve seen the blog above that the excursion is to be rescheduled. But, in answer to your original question, it is certainly OK to come to an excursion without attending the general meeting the night before. Chris

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