14 Aug 2015 – Bendigo’s Botanical Wonders

The guest presenter for the August meeting of the Castlemaine Field Naturalists Club (CFNC) is Rodney Orr, a highly respected ecologist from Bendigo.

Rodney was editor and compiler of the book “The Orchids of Bendigo’, and has also contributed many articles to Whirrakee (the newsletter of the Bendigo Field Naturalists Club) over a number of years and decades.  He has given many talks to field naturalists clubs on topics such as Indigenous Plants, Orchids, Weeds & Fungi as well as speaking about aspects of some of his travels.

His talk to the CFNC is titled “Bendigo’s Botanical Wonders”, and will no doubt be filled with interesting stories and a slideshow full of amazing images (as photography is one of his favourite hobbies).

The presentation will be held in the Fellowship Room from 7.30pm on Friday 14 August (although you can arrive from 7pm for a cup of tea and a chat beforehand).  The Fellowship room is located behind the Uniting Church on Lyttleton St in Castlemaine (next door to the Castlemaine Art Gallery and Museum).  Everyone is welcome and there is no cost for entry.

If you are inspired by this talk, the club’s excursion on the following day (Sat 15 Aug) is to the Whipstick mallee forests to the north of Bendigo.  Details to be provided at the Friday evening meeting.


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