10 July 2015 – A Walk through the Flinders Ranges

The guest speaker for the July meeting of the Castlemaine Field Naturalists Club is John Lindner.  John has been a long time member of The Alpine Club/ Bendigo Outdoor Group  and also the Bendigo Field Naturalists. He is a very experienced walker and field naturalist.

His presentation is titled ‘Walking in the Flinders Ranges and understanding its natural history’.  He has undertaken numerous trips to the Flinders Ranges over the last 10 years: long-distance bushwalks, day walking and car touring with camping. The natural history of the area is a field overflowing in riches.  His talk will cover many aspects of the ranges including an overview of the Heysen Trail, the landscape (geological history, some highlight events, major landforms), vegetation, wildlife and human settlement.

The talk is on this Friday (10 July 2015) starting from 7.30pm in the Fellowship Room.  This is located in the hall behind the Uniting Church on Lyttleton St (next door to the Castlemaine Art Gallery and Museum).  Feel free to arrive from 7pm for a cup of tea and a chat beforehand.John Lindner

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