16-17 May 2015 – Swift Parrot Survey Weekend

For more than a decade, Castlemaine Field Naturalists Club have contributed with distinction to the two annual Swift Parrot / Regent Honeyeater surveys run by BirdLife Australia (and its predecessors) every year.  We are fortunate in our area to be very close to a major Swift Parrot hotspot, and this is shaping up as being a good year.  Geoff Park, Deb Worland and others are already recording good numbers around the Muckleford and Newstead areas.

The first Swift Parrot survey weekend for 2015 is to be held on Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 May (or a week either side of this).

An email has been received from BirdLife Australia which encourages volunteers to get out and undertake some searches of their local area (CLICK HERE for copy of this email).    Some other documents were also sent through as well:
– A written summary of the survey results from 2014 (CLICK HERE)
– A datasheet for recording results of the searches (CLICK HERE for Word document, and CLICK HERE for PDF version)
– Suggested survey locations across south-eastern mainland Australia (CLICK HERE)

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