8 May 2015 – Shorebirds with Brett Lane

For the May Castlemaine Field Naturalists Club meeting, the guest speaker will be ecologist Brett Lane. Brett is the author of the book ‘Shorebirds in Australia’ and has worked for many years on the distribution, abundance and migration of shorebirds in Australia and Asia.  Since then he has continued to work on shorebirds as a consultant to government and private clients, advising on the effects of development on these birds and their habitats and on practical mitigation and offset strategies.  He established one of Victoria’s leading ecological consultancies, Brett Lane & Associates Pty Ltd in 2001 and is currently working on a number of shorebird impact assessment and offset planning projects in South Australia and Victoria.IMG_4988

Brett writes “[My] talk will be about a fascinating group of birds: the shorebirds.  Over 60 species occur in Australia and they include some of the most accomplished long-distance migrants in the world.  Millions of shorebirds migrate each spring and autumn from Siberia and Alaska to Australia and New Zealand.  [I] will introduce this group of birds and discuss their distribution and abundance in Australia, as well as their habitats and feeding choices. [I] will also provide an overview of the current significant threats to shorebirds throughout the East Asia – Australasian Flyway and discuss the future for these now quite threatened birds.

Details:  Friday 8th May 2015 from 7.30pm
Fellowship Room, Uniting Church Hall, Lyttleton St, Castlemaine (next door to the Castlemaine Art Gallery and Museum)
No RSVP required.  Members and Visitors welcome.
I look forward to seeing you there

Sharp-tailed Sandpiper (copyright Brett Lane)
Pied Oystercatcher (copyright Brett Lane)
Pied Oystercatcher (copyright Brett Lane)
Greenshank (copyright Brett Lane)
Greenshank (copyright Brett Lane)
Ruddy Turnstone (copyright Brett Lane)
Ruddy Turnstone (copyright Brett Lane)

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