2 and 3 August 2014 – Swift Parrot Surveys

This weekend of the 2-3 August 2014 is the second of two annual survey weekends across south-eastern Australia for the elusive endangered Swift Parrot and Regent Honeyeater.

If you are keen on your birds, and are looking for some outdoors activity this weekend, why not head out into your favourite patch of bush?  Larger eucalypt trees that are either in flower or with lots of lerps on the leaves are the most likely Swift Parrot sites.  There have been a small number of Swift Parrot sightings in the Muckleford area over the past 3-4 weeks, so they are out and about at the moment.

Copies of the datasheets are available for downloading (click here for Word version and click here for PDF version).  Even if you don’t see either of the target species during your searches, please still send this information into Birdlife.  It also helps them to know where birds are not being found, as well as where they are present.

BirdLife Australia received 200 completed survey sheets from May 2014 from across SE Australia, and the results are available on their website (click here).  The Castlemaine Field Nats were not successful in finding any individuals of these species locally in May.  Now is the time.

If you’d like to join the CFNC search team, we’ll be heading off from the Octopus  (the old information centre building on Duke St opposite the Castle Motel) at 9am on Saturday 2nd Aug – and finishing around midday.  Bring along your binos and morning tea.

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