13 June 2014 – Moss is The Boss

This Friday (13 June), we have a special Castlemaine Field Naturalists Club (CFNC) general meeting.  Local resident and amateur bryologist Bernard Slattery will be talking about the mosses of the dry forests of central Victoria.  Bernard, and another local Cass Read, launched their book on these mosses to great fanfare two weeks ago.   Bernard writes:

‘I  spent about 65 years not really noticing moss, except as a vaguely dank winter thing. How can a person be so blind? The discovery that things are quite spectacular down there on the ground came by accident, while I was looking for something else, and the experience has taught me that the way we see things, or don’t see them, can be quite mysterious. Maybe it has something to do with an idea Shakespeare was getting at when he talked of the man ‘ who will not see because he does not feel’…in any case, I’ll try to explain how it happened in my case. In the process, I’ll show a few pictures of what happens in the moss world when there’s a fire…the transitions are amazing.’

The meeting starts at 6.30pm in the Fellowship Room (within the hall behind the Uniting Church in Lyttleton St, Castlemaine).  Members and visitors are very welcome, and entry is free.

Note: There is no excursion on Saturday 14 June, because of the Fungi excursion on the 7th June.

Photo 1:  A typical pose of a moss enthusiast!
Photo 2: One of our stunning local mosses – Breutelia triquetrella

rabbitholebreutelia + triquetrella


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