Excursion Reminder – Sat 22 March 2014

From 9.30am on Sat 22 March, the Castlemaine Field Naturalists Club will be undertaking its regular roadside clean-up.  As per usual, we are removing rubbish from the amazing section of woodland vegetation alongside the Pyrenees Hwy near Muckleford.  The meeting point is on the corner of Willy Milly Rd and the Pyrenees Hwy (outside Tait Decorative Iron – which is about 4-5km west of central Castlemaine, along the road to Newstead).  Best to wear sturdy shoes, long pants, hats and sunscreen.  Gloves, bags and tongs to be provided.  And – if you are keen – bring along a camera or binoculars as well, as there is sure to be interesting things to see.

The clean-up area is within coo-ee of one of the most reliable Swift Parrot areas of mainland Australia.  There’s a chance that some early migatory Swift Parrot arrivals could be around as well.  Keep your eyes and ears open!

After the clean-up, you are invited to join us at a nearby bush property along Erin Court.  Here’ll we will have morning tea, and a potter around looking at the various plants and animals.  BYO food and drinks.

Hope to see you there.

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