A Question about Waterfalls?

On Friday evening (11 Oct 2013), the Castlemaine Field Naturalists were entertained by Ian Wacey and Ray Barber, who spoke about their efforts to document every waterfall in Victoria.  As we learnt, this is no small undertaking, as they estimate that there may be somewhere between 700 and 1000 of them.  Some are well known.   Most are not, with a surprising number not even having an official name.

As part of their research, they have come across an old photograph of the Evansford Falls near the Maryborough Reservoir.  They have not been able to find these falls.  Ian writes “I have attached a photo of “Evansford Falls”  taken circa 1907 at Maryborough Reservoir. I presume this is now called Evansford Reservoir. My question is do these falls still exist?   I do remember reading somewhere that this Reservoir was planned to be enlarged sometime in the 1920s so whether that occurred or not and if I did whether these falls became submerged is some information that would be of interest to me.”  Click here to see a copy of the postcard with the waterfalls.

Can anyone help?  If so, either comment on this blog, or email the club directly (castlemainefnc@hotmail.com), and we’ll pass on the details to Ian and Ray.

One thought on “A Question about Waterfalls?

  1. Chris, I can only guess that that is Mount Moorlort in the background, which suggests that thefalls might be down on the river (if they are still there), somewhere near the Waterfalls Quarry – which could be why that’s what the quarry is called. Sounds ominous!
    I’ve no idea where the Maryborough Res is, but the only mountain that shape I know of in the immediate area of Maryborough is Mount Moolort.

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