11 Oct 2013 – Waterfalls of Victoria

What is it that so enthrals us when a river sends water tumbling down from a great height?  Ian Wacey is one of the most devoted waterfall aficionados. Along with friend Ray Barber, Ian has set out to document every waterfall in Victoria. In 2011, they released the book, 250 Victorian Waterfalls, which is the first in a planned series about the state’s waterfalls.

Ian will be speaking at the Castlemaine Field Naturalist Club meeting on Friday 11 October.  As per usual, the meeting starts at 7.30pm, and is in the hall behind the Uniting Church in Castlemaine (on Lyttleton St, midway between Barker St and Kennedy St).  Members and visitors are welcome.  Entry is free.  (The club excursion the next day is a visit to one or more of our local waterfalls).

Ian will talk about the waterfalls he’s seen across Victoria, and show some photographs.  Which are the well-known waterfalls and which are secrets known only to a select few?  How do you find them?  Which are the biggest? smallest? highest?  What are the challenges and other interesting stories?  How do our local waterfalls compare?  Copies of his book will be available for sale on the night.

2 thoughts on “11 Oct 2013 – Waterfalls of Victoria

  1. We are unable to attend the talk on waterfalls this coming Friday night but would be interested in undertaking the trip planned for the next day. If this is possible, please let us know when and where to meet.
    Judy and Philip Hopley

    1. Hi Judy and Philip,
      The details for all of our talks and excursions can be found on the “events” page of the website. Typically (but not always), the excursions leave from the Octopus building on Duke St (opposite the Castle Motel) at 1.30pm on the Saturday immediately after the Friday general meeting.

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