14 Sept – Miniature wonderlands of the dry country

Close up of a cryptogram

“Miniature wonderlands of the dry country: What you miss when you don’t walk on your knees.”

Septembers guest speaker is Cass Read.  The general meeting is on Friday evening from 7.30pm at the Uniting Church Hall on Lyttleton St.

Arid lands across the world share a common ecology with low rainfall, few trees and shrubs, and intriguing carpets of cryptogams protecting the soil (mosses, lichens, fungi and more). Otherwise known as biological soil crusts, these communities of cryptogams are full of interest; they exist at the soil surface in harsh environments and act as ecosystem engineers. Follow me on an exploration of these intriguing microcosms, around the globe and in our own arid lands of north west of Victoria to see their beauty, discover more about their importance and to understand how we can use this knowledge to manage  our dry country.


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